Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Learning Part 1

It has been a bit since I went to South Carolina for the Book Festival and I wanted to write down some of the major things I learned while there.  So I did.  I wrote a very nice, long post and forgot to save it when I shut down my computer.  Then I got busy working on second novel and forgot to rewrite.  

First of all there are a whole group of nice people out there called writers.  All different genres, but all kind, encouraging and nice.   Let me tell you about Ahlumba.  She bought the first book I sold, she set up my Square (credit card reader) correctly, she gave me some fancy bags to put my sold books in and she remained amazingly cheerful the whole time.  Her booth was to the right of mine and she steadfastly worked it with really no help.  She writes short inspirational, self-help type books.  She wrote Fat Girl Pick Your Head Up! and I love it.  Check Ahlumba's website out.  She is as delightful as she can be.

My next acquaintance was with panel mate Susan M Boyer. She was two booths down to my left and when I introduced myself to her, she immediately told me not to expect too many sales.  "This is to get your name out there, to get acquainted with others, don't let slow sales get you down."   She told me what to expect on the panel.  She was a fount of information and wasn't a bit reluctant to share knowledge.  She writes mysteries with some cozy elements.  Lowcountry Boil, Lowcountry Bombshell, Lowcountry Boneyard, and will release Lowcountry Bordello.  Her protagonist Liz Talbot is a tough as nails private eye.  I quite like the series.

The next writer I want to high-light is Jana Oliver.  She writes YA urban fantasy (I think).  I am not real clear on the genre but I bought Briar Rose which is "a dark steampunk retelling of Sleeping Beauty complete with a ghost and metal magic." Whaat?  It is next in the queue for reading.   Jana and her husband sat with us at dinner Saturday night and I shot questions at her thick and fast.  She answered, sent me links, she was crazy helpful.  She did not have a booth, but she was a presenter and I am sure did a fabulous job.

There are several other interesting bits I wanted to say about the festival, two more writers to highlight, what not to do, but I see your eyes are crossing.  I'll share another day.

These women are kind, intelligent, and fun.  Thank you all.


  1. Carole, it was so lovely meeting you and your husband! I'm so happy we had the chance to be panel mates! Thank you so much for this lovely shout out!

    1. You are quite welcome. I truly like your writing. Very good.

  2. Carol.... Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyie didn't I know about your blog. or if I knew about the blog, blogger messed it up ?
    I thought you gave up your blog for life as a writer !
    So now I need to catch up.

    cheers, parsnip